Satin Silk & Digital Fabric Printing

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Introducing Digital Fabric Printing @ POV

We have just finished testing our first range of fabrics for fine art printing. Our tests on Satin Silk and Chiffon have turned out beautifully and are now ready for production.

The available selection of fabrics for digital printing is well over 50 different types at this point, so if you are in need of some digital fabric printing the best bet will be to make a trip to our studio and check our our extensive set of samples. Our fine art fabrics generally come in rolls that are 17, 24, and 40 inches wide.

Pricing and additional info will be added to our quotes section soon, but in the mean time feel free to drop us a line and set up a time to come in to the studio.

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New Studio Location

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A Lew Location in DTLA

In case you have not been down to visit us yet, or if its been a while since your last visit, we’d love for you to come check out our new location. We’re pretty happy here, and have a good amount of space to support our continued growth.

For additional details and super accurate directions, make sure to check out the Map & Directions page in the navigation above.

WEO // Print on Demand for Artists

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Introducing WEO // Print on Demand Software for Visual Artists

We are very happy to announce our new print on demand software platform for visual artists.

Our aim was to create an elegant and robust solution that becomes an artist’s portfolio & store, while utilizing a completely on-demand production model across a wide range of products and fine art substrates.

All of this in a platform that also empowers an artist with a suite of marketing tools and provides the ability to fully customize their web presence down to the pixel level.

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Jamie Sweetman Drawings

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We just finished up shooting some super large drawings for one of our clients… they are multi-layered drawings on duralar… very detailed and very much worth sharing…

Drawings by Jamie Sweetman:

povevolving fine art printing studio
povevolving fine art printing studiopovevolving fine art printing studiopovevolving fine art printing studiopovevolving fine art printing studiopovevolving fine art printing studio

POVevolving & The Hammer Museum

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We’ve been assisting our talented friend Ed Glendinning with on-site color management and proofing for a Hammer Museum catalog shoot. We are working on a fully color managed workflow that starts with a Phase One camera tethered to a Macbook Pro with an Eizo external monitor… We are bringing each image into Capture One, working a little magic and then shooting the files over ethernet cable to a 27″ Imac that is connected to our Epson 3880, where we are then creating color match proofs with the original art next to us to match to…

Its quite a nice workflow. The Printer that is receiving the files for the catalog on the other side of the world is more than happy to have the confidence of knowing that the files and corresponding proof prints are not only professionally shot at super high resolution, but are corrected to the original piece and can be used to more easily create an accurate catalog…

Good times.

The Mars Volta and RX Bandits ~ Custom Slipmats

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We have decided to take advantage of the incredibly easy-to-update nature of our new site and will be periodically posting little mentions of some of the projects we are working on…

We were contacted by artist Sonny Kay who did the album cover for the upcoming RX Bandits record… Sargent House, the label, wanted custom printed turntable slipmats.

They decided to also do slipmats for the upcoming album from The Mars Volta.

These are the images that were used:


The Mars Volta Slipmats are available for purchase here.

The Rx Bandits Slipmats are available for purchase here.