File Requirements & Specs for Printing Fine Art and Photography

The quality of your print file is one of the most important parts of the printing process. Generally, bad files = bad prints. Here are some basic guidelines as to what we need from you in order to create a high quality print.

After you review this page, you may want to have a look at our reference on pixel dimensions and resolution for print files.

File Formats

These are our preferred file formats:

  • .tiff
  • .psd
  • .jpg
  • .raw ( contact us before sending )


The preferred file resolution is 300 ppi. The file should, ideally, be this resolution at the final print size that you intend to create.

With that being said, we can accept files that are a lower resolution than this, and we can enlarge your files as requested, but its important to understand that this is not the most ideal situation and can result in a lower quality print.

Color Space

We print in RGB. For best results, please convert your files to RGB ( Adobe 1998 ) prior to sending to us.

Your best bet for getting on the same page with us – in terms of color – is to view your print files on a calibrated monitor using Adobe1998 as your working space.

The color that is displayed on an uncalibrated monitor can be quite different from what we see on our studio monitors.

This is particularly important to be aware of if you are working with us from outside of Los Angeles, or if you are going to put in an order as direct-to-print with no proofing.

Important Notes Regarding Sending Print Files


Please save files according to the naming convention detailed below. This will help us all work much more efficiently. For the sake of clarity, please use only letters, numbers, and underscores.


  • No special characters or quotes in file names
  • Flatten all layered files
  • Send one version of each file unless discussed in advance
  • Resize your files for print unless discussed in advance

Preferred Naming Convention for Print Files

YourName_ShortTitle_PrintSize | Which becomes, as an example:  JonDoe_AwesomeLandscape_24x36