Flat Bed Scanning

The first, and most important part of any successful fine art printing project, is getting a good file for printing. As a general rule, if your files are sub-par, you can expect the end result to be equally unsatisfying…  If your files are questionable, we can definitely help you get a print ready file by using one of the following processes:

Large Format Flatbed Scanning

This option provides for a super high resolution for original artwork up to 22″ x 30″.
For even larger pieces, our photography department can provide you with an exceptional digital capture for print.
Contact us for pricing on our fine art scanning and digital capture services.

Frequently Asked • ” Which resolution do I need? “

This depends on your end use of the scan. The options below should give you an idea of what you need. If you plan to enlarge your final prints considerably beyond the original size of the artwork, 600dpi or higher is recommended.

Web Resolution

Need images for your website? 72ppi should be good to go.

Print Resolution // 300 ppi

Most of the time 300ppi will be good for printing purposes.

Hi-Resolution // 600 ppi

Feel better about having a super hi-res files. No Problem.

Epic Hi-Res // 1200 ppi

Need something small blown up really big?

Scanning Prices