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Our Process

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This is our basic process

We get a lot of questions regarding the start to finish process for creating high quality fine art prints, so we figured we would re-introduce our customers to our blog posts and try to answer a few questions about what we do.

Digital Capture

The most important part of digital fine art printmaking is creating a file that is ideal for printing. The process begins with a hi resolution scan or photographic digital capture of the original artwork. If you need help with this first step drop us a line and we can help you with either method.

Color Correction

We color correct each file for print and check it for dust, scratches, or any other imperfections that would potentially affect the final print quality of your work.


Upon request, we do a proof print of each of your files to make sure that the final product is as close to the intended target as possible. Additional color corrections can be made in between proofing to further fine tune the final print and make sure that our clients are getting nothing short of the best print possible.

Printing Production

Once we finish the requested proofing steps we can then move to production. We carefully inspect each and every print to make sure that color stays consistent and to ensure that each one is as finished, crisp and clean as it should be. If requested, we spray a protective post coating on the prints for added protection and enhanced lifespan.

Finishing & Packing

Whether we are simply trimming your prints or providing full service framing, the final steps are executed with the precision and care of all of the previous steps.
Regardless of us packing your prints for pick up or shipping them off to you in another country, we’ve got you taken care of.

Archive for later

After production is complete, we archive your digital files and, upon request, a copy of your approved proof print for future printing. We also provide a digital download of the final approved and printed file to each client on request.

Thanks to our clients, we have come a long way since we first opened in 2009, and continue to perfect our process as our company and clientele grows. We hope to see you at our studio soon so we can help bring your projects to life.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

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