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Curated Playlist: Monitor Calibration for Fine Art Printing

By October 3, 2020January 7th, 2024Tips & Tricks

The importance of calibrating your monitor:


Viewing colors properly on screen can make a world of difference, and getting it done properly can help you save significant amounts of time and money.

We’ve selected three videos that should get you started on the path to understanding the importance of color management and monitor calibration for professional artists and photographers. While there are certain brands of products and hardware mentioned in these videos, our goal here is to simply get you to start thinking about the importance of this and we do highly recommend reading reviews and doing further research before purchasing any hardware of software solutions. 

Do you really need to calibrate your monitor?

Courtesy of Fstoppers

Why Monitor Calibration is Important

Courtesy of Photos in Color

How to Calibrate Your Monitor | Beginners Guide

Courtesy of Hardware Unboxed

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