Fine Art Print on Demand with POV.

Whether you are new to selling prints online, or selling hundreds of prints per month, we can help you with the printing, packing, and shipping of your online print sales.

For those of you just starting out, this page will provide you with a thorough overview of the key aspects to get started with print on demand at POV.

Less than 5 Orders Per Week

If you are new to print on demand, or currently have less than 5 orders per week, we recommend reading through each of the tabs on the left of this page, in addition to the Print on Demand FAQs.

After that, if you have questions, we welcome you to call, email, or schedule an appointment to get your questions answered.

5 or More Orders Per Week

If your print on demand business has started to grow, or is already raking in the orders, and you’re looking for a new print service provider, then we welcome you to give us a call, send us an email, or schedule an appointment so we can find out more about your specific needs. We have fully automated solutions and direct integration options that will allow us to print, pack, and ship on your behalf.

Your Website | Online Marketplaces

Whether you are selling on your own website, or through other popular sites such as Etsy or Saatchi Art, we can help fulfill your orders. If you’re just starting out and have not yet made a decision on which software platform to use, we would recommend one of these:

Setting up your store using any of these platforms will help prepare you for being able to connect to POV and – optionally – other services as your sales grow and as you diversify your print on demand product range. Each of these platforms also provide options for automatically calculating shipping costs, which makes the initial set up process significantly easier.

If you’ll be selling fine art prints in addition to other printed products, we highly recommend checking out Orderdesk. POV connects to Orderdesk, and they support over 50 other production on demand services.

Print Files | Ready to Print?

One of the most important steps is making sure you have high quality print files that are formatted and ready to print.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Mediocre Files = Mediocre Prints
  • We can help you scan your artwork at 300 or 600 ppi.
  • Before you start ordering prints, check our file requirements.
  • If you have a customer order for a large print, then you may be able to get free scanning.
  • Once an order is placed, we’ll save your print file for future orders, if requested to do so.

What do you want to print on?

You’ll have to first decide what you want to print on. We have over 100 available print surfaces.

If you need help narrowing down materials, check out this searchable list of materials.

If you’re in the Los Angeles Area and, assuming we are no longer staying home due to Corona Virus Chaos, you should Schedule an Appointment to see our showroom in Downtown Los Angeles.

Regardless, we recommend that you test the print surfaces that you are curious about prior to going live with any prints on your web store. Test prints are billed at regular printing rates, but we promise – it’s important – and will save you from any surprises.

You can review your print costs using our pricing calculator.

If you need help narrowing things down based on our experience, simply give us a call or schedule a phone appointment.

We have two ways to place orders.


If you are just starting out or receiving less than 5 orders per week, we’ll have you use our Order Form to place your drop shipping orders.

As your order volume grows, we can revisit the option of automating your order submissions. Our standard order form includes options to provide your customer address and special instructions, if needed.


If you’re already receiving more than 5 print orders per week, we can work with you to do a direct integration so that your orders arrive into our system automatically. With this option we simply send you invoices as your orders come in, and the process is relatively automated. Please schedule an appointment if you’re interested in this approach. Keep in mind, the 5 orders per week minimum is a policy and not something we make exceptions on.

How do you want your prints packed?

We can pack your prints in many different ways depending on the material and size you are printing. These are a few of the packing methods we offer:

  • Flat Pack with Protective Corners
  • Rolled in Rigid Shipping Tube
  • Rolled in Extra Durable Crush Resistant Tube
  • Rolled on Center Core Tube & Packed in a Box
  • Packed in Custom Gator Board Box

Regardless of the packing method, we can also ( optionally ) print and include your order invoice or other custom inserts, such as stickers, flyers, or personal notes for the buyer.

Not all shipping services are created equal.

While everyone loves a big $0 shipping rate – unfortunately we’re not Amazon Prime. Shipping rates vary greatly based on the service selected. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Your shipping costs are provided when your order is ready to ship. We’ll revise your invoice and you will be required to pay the shipping cost in order for your order to ship.
  • USPS is much less expensive, but tracking is nowhere near as good as FedEx or UPS.
  • We do not recommend shipping art prints internationally with first class mail. It can take forever to arrive, if it arrives at all.
  • We’ll provide you with tracking for every order.
  • POV does not cover the cost of lost or damaged prints.
  • POV does not manage or monitor your tracking.
  • Returned Shipments can either be reshipped – for the cost of shipping – or picked up at our studio.
  • Optionally, you are welcome to provide your own shipping labels for each order that is placed.
  • We highly recommend setting your store up to automatically calculate shipping rates.
  • POV does not provide shipping rate calculations in advance, or to help set up your products.

We're not currently offering Customer Support Services.

While we will certainly communicate with you as much as we need to, we’re not currently offering direct customer support services to our clients’ customers. Please be sure to create and publish your policies, terms, and conditions clearly on your site prior to receiving any customer orders.

If you are set up with us for automated order processing, your customers automatically receive order tracking emails and a custom message of your choice once the order ships.