Korean Mulberry, harvested on the family land, annually, specifically for making Hanji. Three generations of paper making. An incredible visit.
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Before being pressed to dry.
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Hanji Master
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Ready to become paper.
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Red Hanji
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Hanji Master
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🕊️ 💔🕊️
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Hey Everyone, POV is going to be closed, briefly, for studio maintenance and a little hiatus. We’re mostly out of the studio this month from the 13th of October thru the end of the month. We’re actively booking orders for when we return, so feel free to get in the queue, and email or call if you have any questions! We may be able to accommodate urgent rush jobs prior to the 13th, but give us a call to check in if you need anything!
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Topographical paint stroke layer magic.
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Thorough registration checks before liftoff. My Dad always said, “Measure Twice, Cut Once.” Mantra #57
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24” Circular Prints on Silver Dibond |  @jjmartin_art for an upcoming exhibition. @marisacaichioloartist 🤍 @buildingbridges_ax
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