This shiny little handheld portal is one part of an elaborate and very special edition we’ve been developing with @garylangart | what you’re seeing here is a preliminary material test that we’re very pleased with. More to come!
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We had the pleasure of working with the very talented team @geminigel on some laser cutting they needed done for their recent Frank Gehry editions. We also assisted with the cutting of various acrylic placement jigs that allowed for precise and repeatable assembly of each final piece. The time lapse video here shows the assembly of the most complex piece in the series of prints that were created from an array of laser cut screen printed individual elements. All printing and assembly was done by the team at Gemini.
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Micro contours and texture networks prior to final color layer.
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Stack of Contemporary Conspiracies // A Photogravure Experiment
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Spent some time this past week with the the very talented team @coneeditions in beautiful Vermont. We’re gearing up, testing, and planning to soon ( actual timing tbd ) start offering Photogravure. We will also be opening up both of our presses up to the printmaking community.  More info soon! Huge thank you to @n._kooperkamp and @walkerblackwell.tiff
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Detail view of one of the individual completed pieces for the @david_jien edition.
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Quality check for the @lunaikuta edition before they get framed. 🙌🏼
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Edition of 20 for @brianhmerriam // each image is 20 x 30 inches, printed on dark handmade khadi paper. Available via @tappancollective
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@david_jien proofing a new print edition with 38 laser cut pieces, hand collaged, piece by piece. ✨
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