Fragment snapshot of a large project from today / 36 x 72 inch prints on 3mm aluminum, silver leafed prior to printing. 🩶
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Pigment print on super thin lacquered Hanji.
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Daily machine maintenance looking pretty good.
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This one sold out real quick. Well done @rhymezlikedimez | UV pigment print on holographic stock + spot varnish + embossed elements.
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Small texture detail of one of the @richard.serra pieces we had the pleasure of scanning for @geminigel | Super  impressive works on paper, with each one requiring a very specialized set of scans that properly describe the unique surface. Our Metis Scanner gives us extensive control over light direction and intensity, which enables us to custom fine tune the lighting for any individual piece of art depending on the surface characteristics.
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Looking back and loving these beautiful prints for @child_appetite / UV print + spot varnish on rainbow holographic 220 gsm paper. We’re doing a bit of 2023 time traveling via the studio phone camera roll and have so many bits and pieces of inspiring projects to post.
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