Getting Started | New Printing Projects


PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN INFORMATION PAGE ONLY. Once you read through the information below, you will be well equipped to place an order here.

The links provided below, as part of each numbered step, are references to supplemental information which will help you get the most thorough and well informed fine art printing experience. Please read each step on this page prior to placing an order, as this page will likely answer many of your initial questions. If you have not worked with us yet, you may also want to check our common questions.

STEP 01. Decide on a Print Surface


Print SurfacesPrint Surfaces Materials SearchMaterials Search Compare CanvasCompare Canvas

Need help? After reading the steps here, feel free to call us or schedule a Phone Appointment and we will be happy to answer questions about your project.

STEP 02. Review Pricing


Print Cost CalculatorPrint Cost Calculator Standard Packing CostsStandard Packing Costs Print Budget CalculatorPrint Budget Calculator

Keep in mind, depending on what browser you are using, you may have to scroll down on the drop down menus on both of those pages in order to see all available options.

STEP 03. Review File Specs


File SpecsFile Specs How Large Can I Print My File?How Large Can I Print My File?

If your file is not large enough for print, you may be interested in our Scanning Services.

Please Note: We do not make any changes, edits, optimizations, fixes, cropping, or retouching to client files without very clear instructions and a brief discussion. We don’t make subjective decisions on what looks good for your file, as our opinions may not match yours. If you have questions about your file or need assistance with editing, please notify us in advance of placing your order.

STEP 04. Place an Order


Order MinimumsOrder Minimums Order Lead TimesOrder Lead Times

  • No Orders or Files via Email
  • No WeTransfer or Dropbox Link Shares

If you need to add notes or custom instructions to your order, please click the button that says, “Custom” under the services required section of the order form. Please do this in addition to selecting either Scanning or Printing.

STEP 05. Upload Print Files


After you click “Submit” on the Order Form, you will be prompted to upload your files.

Please make sure your files are formatted and named properly.

STEP 06. Pay for Your Order


We’ll review your order details and send you an invoice for payment. You’ll be able to pay online using any major credit card or debit card.

If you would like to pay by business check, please contact us prior to mailing a check. You are also welcome to pay in person at our studio.

Production starts once an order is paid for. If you do not receive your invoice within 48 hours, please contact us to let us know. If you are on a tight deadline, feel free to contact us as soon as you have placed your order and received the order confirmation.

STEP 07. Production & Test Prints


We’ll review your files and let you know if there are any issues with the sizing. If you have concerns about your file/s, please let us know in advance. 

Any unforeseen file issues may delay your order, so please make sure your files are formatted and ready. Test prints ( if applicable ) will need to be reviewed and approved prior to any final prints being produced. Additional rounds of test prints, if desired or required, will extend the overall production timeline for your job.

We will notify you once your order is completed, but feel free to check in via email or text.

STEP 08. When Order is Complete:


When your order is complete, we will contact you either by email or text.

Completed orders will be prepared based on how the order was initially submitted, so if you have any changes to how you need the order packed, please let us know well in advance to prevent any delays or additional packing charges.

Will Call // Pick Up: Once we notify you, you will need to schedule a pick up time prior to arriving.

Shipping: If we are shipping your order, we will provide a shipping quote for approval. Your invoice will then be revised to add the shipping cost, and the balance will need to be settled in order for us to ship on your behalf.

Local Courier: We will reach out to you to confirm your delivery day / time.

1. Review Scanning Costs

2. Schedule a Drop Off Appointment

Alternatively, you can use our Ship & Scan Service.

3. Pay for Your Order

We’ll send you an invoice, and you can pay online. You may want to review our order lead times.

4. Download Your Files

We’ll email a download link to your scans.

5. Pick Up Your Artwork

You’ll need to schedule an appointment to pick up from our studio.

Alternatively, we can ship it back to you. Contact us for details.

Reviewing Test Prints


While Covid-19 is still an issue, test prints can be picked up outside our studio for review and approval. All approvals or comments should be sent via email or text.

Completed Orders


Completed orders can be picked up outside our studio. You will need to schedule a pick up appointment on the front page of our website. Alternatively, we can send your completed order by local courier, or ship your order via FedEx. Currently ( with Covid-19 ) we do not recommend using USPS.

Signing Prints


If you need to sign prints prior to shipping, you can either take the prints with you to a location where you can sign them, or schedule a time to sign outside our studio.