How large can I print my file?

Drag and drop your print file into this area to the right. This will tell you the maximum size - in inches - that we recommend you print your file.
This quick calculation simply looks at the available pixels in your file and does not take into consideration whether or not you have edited your file, or enlarged it with Photoshop or another piece of software.
Please use this page as a general guide only. Once you have placed your order, we'll review your file and will certainly let you know if there are any issues with printing at the desired size.
The maximum file size for this page is 1 GB.

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Accepted Files: .tif, .jpg, .png



Scaling your file to additional print sizes:


Enter an exact number (Length or Width) or use the sliding scale below to adjust your print size.

" What if I want to print larger than the print size calculator recommends? "

The calculator here ensures that we are not printing any files that are lower than 150 pixels per inch. This is not to say that you can’t print larger, but we will recommend a test print for your order if you want a print larger than we recommend.

Generally, we’ll advise that you print a selection area from the overall full size image, and view that first so you are aware of what the final print will look like, in terms of resolution. Test Print cost is dictated by the size of the selected area you require, and pricing can be checked on our quotes page.

Print File Upres Service

We also have a file upres service which, in some cases, works like magic and can allow you to significantly increase the size of your file while still preserving the quality of the artwork or image. Please contact us for more details.