Paintings, Drawings, and Collages

Unlike most conventional scanning services, we have an immense amount of control over the lighting within our scanner. This allows us to carefully adjust our settings in order to properly describe the original artwork in the best manner possible.

Collages and and textured paintings are captured with a sense of physicality usually not possible with a flatbed scanner.

Whether textured or flat, all of our scans have extremely even lighting across the entire scan. 

We scan artwork – framed or unframed – up to 36″ x 60″ @ 600 PPI – resulting in a file over 2gb. 

For pieces larger than 36″ wide, we can use our photography department and get you a very high resolution multi-shot fine art capture.

Metallic Surfaces? No Problem.

Properly capturing metallic surfaces – either with a camera or with a scanner – can generally be very difficult. Golds turn yellow or brown, and silvers turn into some sort of bland grey without any life to them… above all, usually not good.

We’re able to specifically adjust for gold foils and other metallic surfaces in order to properly capture the way your eye generally sees a metallic material on the surface of your artwork. 

Scanning Fabrics

With our large format flatbed scanner, scanning fabrics – in great detail – is no problem.

The overall materiality and ‘hand’ of the fabric is communicated clearly. 

Tile & Architectural Materials

With an exceptional depth of field available, we can scan tile, wood, raw materials, and more.

Surface feel and texture are immediately apparent.