Aluminum Prints

These prints are amazing. You have to see them in person to fully take in the richness of the colors and subtle satin surface finish. The aluminum we use is .045″ thick and is  available in a variety of sizes and with a variety of finishing and mounting options. As with all of our other substrates and options, we really recommend that you make an appointment to come down to our production studio to see what we do here.

The image on the left is printed on the gloss silver base, while the image on the right is printed on the white base. The key thing to remember is that we don’t utilize any white inks, so your results will vary greatly from gloss white to gloss silver depending on the amount of white in your image. Lighter areas on the gloss silver will look more like the brushed silver finish, while the same lighter areas – when printed on a white base – will retain their bright whiteness.

The high definition and vibrant colors, combined with superior fade, moisture, stain, and scratch resistant properties make our aluminum prints an excellent choice for commercial, fine art, and home decor applications.

Add a lightweight aluminum back frame to your aluminum prints and they will come to you ready to hang.

Optional | Wood Back Frame & Cleat: