One month ago our Los Angeles fine art printing studio was busier than ever, printing for Artists and Photographers all over Los Angeles and beyond. Fast forward, and we’re now manufacturing medical protective equipment ( PPE ) to assist in the well known and widely reported shortages across the state.


We’ve assembled a team of very talented and generous people and local companies to assist us in creating and manufacturing much needed PPE for Los Angeles Health Care Workers. Thank you to Summa America for their rapid assistance, as we use our new Summa CNC Cutter to manufacture several products here in our Los Angeles Studio. Huge thank you to Greg Lauren for jumping in with us to make things happen, and for sharing his validated face mask design with us. We’re currently working on Masks with MERV15 Filters, Clear Vinyl Face Shields, and Clear Vinyl Goggles.

With our newly assembled team, we’re now on track to immediately start production on over 50k pieces of PPE, but we need your help. The time is now for us all to come together and contribute, so we can all get back to some sort of normal. Let’s Do This. All items are being donated to people and facilities in need; not sold. Items are not available for sale.

Continue Reading Below for More Info, Templates, and Supplies

We’re manufacturing 3 different rapid deployment PPE items in our DTLA Studio


Financial or Material Donations

Make a donation – either supplies or monetary – to help us make more items. Our studio is covering all of our initial costs to do this, and every bit helps. Do you have cotton twill fabric or clear vinyl you can donate? Call or Text: 213.587.2958

Get to Work | Make Something!

If you have a Summa Flatbed Cutter, Zund, Laser Cutter, or even scissors, you can download cut files and review materials lists below and get to work creating some supplies to support any shortages in your area.