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New Scanner for Artwork up to 36″ x 60″

By April 14, 2019July 19th, 2022Services
Adjustable height for originals up to 8″ thick.
Artwork is scanned face up, with no direct contact during the scanning process.
Originals up to 36″ x 60″

Key Features

  • Up to 36″ x 60″ at 600ppi
  • Artwork is scanned face up
  • Multiple lighting Modes
  • Originals up to 8″ thick

One of the goals at POV has always been to provide our clients with a wide range of materials and options, and to provide the best prints possible using the latest technology available. We’re continuing this pursuit by acquiring a new large format flatbed scanner that can accommodate original works of art and objects up to 36″ x 60″.

This new scanner – a WideTek 36 Art Scanner – uses a laser system to adjust for fine focus and sharpness. The height of the optics are adjustable and provide vertical clearance for originals up to 8″ thick.

This new large format scanner will streamline our fine art scanning and – in many cases – allow us to skip the step of having to stitch together multiple files when scanning your artwork.

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